Category: Information Security

Comstor Focuses on Small Business and Security with New Initiatives | Westcon Comstor

Westcon-Comstor press office Comstor, a leading Cisco distributor and part of Westcon-Comstor, has adapted several Cisco campaigns uniquely for the channel, as well as launching a new initiative of its own to help resellers address small businesses and security. All three initiatives have an objective of supporting partners with increasing profitability and brand awareness towards […]
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COVID-19: MTN CIO urges Ghanaian IT experts to be vigilant about Cyber-criminals

The Chief Information Officer of MTN Ghana, Bernard Acquah has advised IT experts to update their system software and applications regularly to patch any weaknesses that may be exploited.  According to him the fight against cyber security threats in 2020, calls for the vigilance of System administrators with regards to the timeliness of patch deployments […]
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Kaspersky encourages users and companies to secure remote workplaces

Government, businesses and other organisations across South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia are increasingly encouraging work-from-home strategies in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19/Coronavirus. While the measure is undoubtedly effective in flattening the curve of Coronavirus increase, there are cyber risks to consider in relation to this change. Kaspersky experts share their insights […]
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Silence before the storm: Russian speaking hacking group is attacking banks in Sub-Saharan Africa

Kaspersky security researchers have reported on thousands of notifications of attacks on major banks located in the sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region. The malware used in the attacks indicates that the threat actors are most likely to be an infamous Silence hacking group, previously known to be responsible for the theft of millions of dollars from […]
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