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Michelle Obama’s New Podcast Branding Reflects Her Personality Perfectly and We’re Loving It

Yes, the rumors are true and we couldn’t be any more excited. Michelle Obama has just released a podcast and we’re absolutely obsessed with it. So basically, if you haven’t heard already, one of Spotify’s biggest original podcast bets, The Michelle Obama Podcast, premiered on July 29th, 2020. And who, you might ask yourself, had the […]
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20 Logos With Hidden Messages – 2020 Update

Designing logos can be a very difficult task. When designing a logo, you want it to stand out from the crowd, yet still be really simple. Sometimes the designer is really clever and makes the logo very simple, yet includes a hidden message within the logo that has a deeper meaning. In today’s article, we’re […]
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Top 10 United Nations Logos

Top 10 United Nations Logos – UN Logo Design Inspiration When it comes to designing a logo, website, or any other material, the main objective of every commercial organization is to grab the attention of the target audience and make profits.  But non-commercial organizations have no such objectives. These organizations work for public welfare.  Since […]
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History Of The Domino’s Logo Design

History of the Domino’s Logo Design – What does it Mean? Domino’s is an established brand whose logo is recognised globally. Who would’ve thought that such a simple design would make a permanent mark?  While its service and taste characterise success, the Domino’s logo is the main symbol of this brand that helps us to […]
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History Of The FedEx Logo Design

History Of the FedEx Logo Design – Meaning & Evolution Established under the chairmanship of Frederick W. Smith, back in 1971, FedEx has now become the industry leader globally for its unmatched transformation and delivery services.  With a network stretching over to 220 countries, the company handles more than 90% of the world’s gross domestic products, delivering them […]
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