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Microsoft gets more dystopian with new Meeting Score patent

We reported recently on Microsoft’s Productivity Score feature, which would assign each employee a number based on how effectively they are working with technology. Now a new patent suggests Microsoft plans to add another metric to overstressed workers, in Microsoft’s effort to turn employees from people into productivity units. The patent describes a “Meeting Insight […]
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Sony is working on a Peloton competitor

Peloton has had great success with their networked, big-screened exercise bike, but it appears the company should be bracing for some competition if a recently unearthed patent application from Sony is anything to go by. The design patent, which was filed in March 2018, is for a “combined media player and fitness machine” does not […]
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Samsung find a way to combine waterfall screens and physical buttons

Waterfall screens are super-attractive, but for many smartphone users, they will never be an option as they demand physical buttons on the side of their phones, which do not work very well when that area is occupied with your screen. The solutions developed by companies that do sell phones with waterfall screens include pressure-sensitive haptic […]
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Patent suggests Microsoft could offer “game pad” Surface Neo keyboard attachment

With recent developer events, Microsoft’s Surface Duo and Surface Neo dual-screen devices have become somewhat more real, which has also raised interest in the potential of the platform for various use cases. PatentlyMobile has taken the opportunity to examine a recent Surface Neo patent published by Microsoft talking about the wireless keyboard component. The wireless […]
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