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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip leaks online with a mini display

The second foldable smartphone from Samsung, the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has just leaked online in a video. As part of the leaked video, the device showcased its horizontal fold in the middle of the display. In addition, it also showcased a mini display on the outside of the device. This mini display […]

Samsung’s next foldable smartphone might be Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung might ditch the Galaxy Fold name with its next generation foldable smartphone. There were rumors indicating that the smartphone will be called the Galaxy Bloom. Now, a new tip suggests that the next foldable smartphone will debut as Galaxy Z Flip. In other words, Samsung is dropping previously rumored names such as Galaxy Fold […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 possible name leaked

Samsung will reportedly launch its next-gen Galaxy Fold on February 11 at an event in San Francisco. The new foldable device will be unveiled alongside the next flagship Galaxy S-series smartphones. As per a new leak, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is likely to be called ‘Galaxy Bloom’. Samsung reportedly showed off the new […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be ‘immediately’ available after launch

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be available “immediately” after the phone is revealed in February. South Korea’s Yonhap News said that the phone is expected to launch alongside the Galaxy S 11 series, but that the clamshell phone will be able to be purchased right after the reveal. Android Authority indicated that it’s unclear […]

OnePlus Concept One may be a foldable smartphone at CES 2020: Report

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus recently announced that it will introduce its first-ever concept phone, the ‘OnePlus Concept One’ at CES 2020 and now a new report has claimed that it will be a foldable-display smartphone. Market watchers think Concept One will be a foldable-display phone, like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, Motorola’s Razr and Huawei’s Mate X. […]

Samsung denies selling 1 million Galaxy Fold handsets

Samsung has denied media reports that the company has sold one million Galaxy Fold smartphones globally. At TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin, a senior Samsung Electronics Co. executive indicated the company has sold 1 million Galaxy Fold since the device’s launch in September. Samsung Electronics President Sohn Young-kwon said it has sold 1 million Galaxy Folds so […]

Samsung now not so sure that they sold 1 million Samsung Galaxy Fold handsets

We reported yesterday on a statement by Samsung Electronics President Young Sohn that the company managed to sell 1 million of the troubled Samsung Galaxy Fold handset. “And I think that the point is, we’re selling [a] million of these products,” said Young Sohn. “There’s a million people that want to use this product at […]

Patent shows Motorola Razr-like clamshell design

The fact that Xiaomi is working on a foldable phone is not a surprise. Brands like Samsung, Huawei and Motorola have already launched their foldable smartphones in the market. Recently, it was reported that Xiaomi has been granted a patent that suggested that Xiaomi’s foldable phone will have a functionality similar to the Moto Razr 2019. […]