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Coronavirus comes to Korea, Samsung’s high-end smartphone factory shut

Until recently it appeared that Samsung would be much less affected by the Coronavirus outbreak than other smartphone manufacturers such as Apple who have their factories in China, due to much of its production taking place in Korea, India and Vietnam. Disease, however, knows no borders, and a case of Coronavirus has now been confirmed […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip teardown reveals internals, decent repairability

Some smartphones can be incredibly difficult to repair, especially if they fold. However, for those looking to pick up a Galaxy Z Flip when it launches, you may be in good hands. According to a teardown video uploaded by YouTube channel ‘PBKreviews,’ the Z Flip looks quite repairable, despite the complications added by its folding […]

Samsung shows off Galaxy Z Flip in 30-second commercial during Oscars 2020

Samsung is preparing to show off its latest flagship smartphones in a few days. However, during the 2020 Oscars, a 30-second commercial Samsung revealed its next foldable smartphone. The tagline of the Galaxy Z Flip entices those interested in the influencer-marketed device to ‘change the shape of the future.” Samsung just showed off its new […]

Samsung is partnering with fashion house Thom Browne for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip launch

We have heard previously that Samsung is targeting the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip at women, with the design apparently inspired by the shape of Lancombe’s make-up compact. Now Korean publication has revealed that Samsung is partnering with high-end fashion houses to release special packages at double the already steep $1500 retail price. American fashion […]

Key features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone leaked

We already know everything about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone. Today, Samsung’s official marketing information regarding the Galaxy Z Flip got leaked. Samsung is highlighting the below as the stand out features of Galaxy Z Flip: Galaxy Z Flip’s folding display is made of groundbreaking Ultra-Thin Glass. Galaxy Z Flip comes with […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip name confirmed

We are only 6 days away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung’s compact-like folding phone. Nearly everything has leaked already, and now Samsung’s Romanian website has confirmed the brand name via a page for the black leather cover which will presumably be included with the device. The full specs, renders, photos […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip leaks online with a mini display

The second foldable smartphone from Samsung, the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has just leaked online in a video. As part of the leaked video, the device showcased its horizontal fold in the middle of the display. In addition, it also showcased a mini display on the outside of the device. This mini display […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be available in these many color options

The upcoming Galaxy Z Flip is an interesting release in a lot of ways. It’s not only this year’s first clamshell foldable phone but it’s also the first time Samsung is doing a “clamshell foldable”. Samsung has a special event planned on February 11 to announce the Galaxy Z Flip alongside Galaxy S20 and Galaxy […]

Samsung’s next foldable smartphone might be Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung might ditch the Galaxy Fold name with its next generation foldable smartphone. There were rumors indicating that the smartphone will be called the Galaxy Bloom. Now, a new tip suggests that the next foldable smartphone will debut as Galaxy Z Flip. In other words, Samsung is dropping previously rumored names such as Galaxy Fold […]