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Modder put a Google Home Mini speaker inside a rotary phone

There have been quite a few do-it-yourself mods for Google Home Minis, but this one is probably the most ridiculous and interesting that I’ve seen. Redditor ‘Movieman_75’ posted a short video showing a modded Google Home Mini he put inside a rotary phone. Yea, that’s right: a Mini in a phone. And, you can hang […]

Target inventory listings suggests new Apple TV and AirPods on the way

A leaked online inventory listing for a bunch of unnamed Apple products hit the web today, suggesting that the tech giant might have some new products up its sleeve. It’s typical for Apple to hold some kind of spring product release event so this news isn’t entirely out of the blue. The listings are for ‘AirPods […]

Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker offered as S20 pre-order bonus in South Korea

Samsung is still seemingly having issues with its Galaxy Home line of smart speakers. The latest revelation in the long-drawn-out smart Samsung smart speaker saga is that the Galaxy Home Mini is coming to South Korea as a Galaxy S20 pre-order bonus. It’s unclear if the company plans to release the Galaxy Home Mini or […]

Video chatting, but way more fun

If you spend a lot of time video chatting with your friends and family on Facebook or WhatsApp, then keep read to learn about how much fun the Portal TV is. If you don’t video chat through Facebook and you don’t have $200 to spare, this device isn’t for you. While it seems natural to […]

Google to bring sticky notes and speed dial to its smart displays

Google has confirmed that support for sticky notes and speed dial calling will come to its smart displays later this year. To create a sticky note, simply say ‘Hey Google, leave a note that says’ along with the words you’d like to have displayed. Other users can also leave a message without needing to sign […]

Toronto-based Nanoleaf’s smart lights can now learn how you use them

Toronto-based Nanoleaf’s various colourful, glowing wall tiles are already capable of syncing with music and video games, but it looks like the company wants to kick things up a notch. At CES 2020, the company is showing off its ‘Nanoleaf Learning Series’ that aims to offer users a more intelligent light system. Nanoleaf claims that […]

Google, Apple and Amazon are working on new smart home connection standard

As smart home gadgets become increasingly popular, it’s getting difficult for manufacturers to support Apple, Google and Amazon’s varying connection standards. Because of this, the three tech giants are now partnering with the Zigbee Alliance to create a universal standard. The Zigbee Alliance is a board of members from big-name companies like Ikea, Samsung’s Smart […]

Google Play Music subscribers eligible for free Google Home Mini

Some Google Play Music and YouTube music subscribers may be eligible for a free Google Home Mini smart speaker. Google is currently giving away free Google Home Mini speakers to people with Google’s music and video-based subscription services. The deal has been circulating throughout the year, but a user on Red Flag Deals found out […]