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How To Build A Personal Brand On LinkedIn In 2020

How to Build a Personal Brand on LinkedIn in 2020 Gaining followers and connections on LinkedIn works differently from other social media platforms.  For instance, 90,000 followers and 30,000 connections won’t even get you “influencer” status on Instagram, but it’s pretty impressive on LinkedIn.  Why would you want to grow your personal brand on LinkedIn?  […]
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LinkedIn For Freelancers And Small Business Owners (Tips)

LinkedIn for Freelancers and Small Business Owners Freelancer social media ad campaigns abound on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  These platforms offer many business benefits to freelance digital service providers.  However, if you’ve neglected your LinkedIn profile and feed, you could be missing a truckload of leads and opportunities to grow.  LinkedIn provides an unparalleled opportunity […]
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Facebook planning to build its own operating system

Facebook is reportedly planning to build its own OS from scratch to power its hardware dreams. The popular social media giant doesn’t want to be dependent on Google’s Android operating system. The Information claims that the company wants Mark Lucovsky, the co-author of Microsoft’s OS called Windows NT, to build OS for Facebook. “We really want to […]
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