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Spotify is bringing song lyrics back to its Windows 10 app

Spotify is bringing song lyrics back to its Windows 10 app

Spotify has a pretty good desktop app for Windows 10, but it lacks in one important feature – it does not display music lyrics. Users have been complaining about the issue for some time, and it appears the company is finally responding. MSPoweruser reader Alan Laiter has sent us a screenshot where Spotify is teasing […]

SAP offers free checklists to prepare for Covid-19 through Ruum app

SAP today announced it has made two interactive checklist templates for managing the risks of Covid-19 available to households and businesses for free through its Ruum app. Stefan Ritter, Head of Product at Ruum by SAP, says: “Whether you own a small business, run a non-profit, are head of your household or are just looking […]

OnePlus wants your inputs to improve OxygenOS; and you’ve limited time

OnePlus has already developed a thriving community and the company is now looking to take full advantage of it. The company is inviting OnePlus community members to share their ideas about ways to improve the OxygenOS. The way it works is very simple. All you have to do is log in with your OnePlus community […]

Facebook app for Windows 10 removed from Microsoft Store.

We reported two weeks ago that Facebook was planning to remove its Facebook app for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store on the 28th February 2020. That fateful day has now come, and the apps have been duly moved from the Store, with the listing saying the app is no longer available. Both the mainstream Facebook […]

Microsoft’s ElectionGuard voting machine software gets its first real-world test tomorrow

Microsoft has been developing voting machine software since last year, and tomorrow it is getting its first real-world test. The Electionguard platform, which runs an open-source software application on a Surface tablet, will be used to elect representatives for the Wisconsin Supreme Court at Fulton, Wisconsin. The trial will only be used for a few […]

Dark Mode comes to OneNote for Android

Microsoft has been developing Dark Mode for  OneNote for Android since September last year, and the improved look has already come to the desktop and iOS. Now WinUnited reports that the feature is also rolling out to regular OneNote for Android users. The feature lets you switch to dark or light mode in settings or […]

Facebook is discontinuing its Windows 10 app in only a few weeks

The official Facebook app for Windows 10 is not the best-supported app in the world, and it therefore comes as no surprise that Facebook is planning to kill the app. Facebook has been sending a message to active users of the Windows 10 app informing them of their intention to discontinue the app. What is […]

Telegram release a major update for the new year (changelog)

Privacy-focussed messaging app Telegram has released a new update for the new year. The update brought along a number of new features, including: Theme Editor 2.0 Using the new theme editor in Chat Settings (or Appearance Settings on iOS), you can quickly tweak the style of elements in Telegram chats and add awesome gradients to both your messages and your background. […]

YouTube app adding virtual remote, voice controls for Chromecast menu

Google is adding some extra controls to the Chromecast pop-up menu in the YouTube app. The menu, which is accessible in the YouTube app by tapping on the Chromecast icon when casting, normally only offers a volume control and pause button. Via a server-side update, Google is adding a virtual remote and voice controls, which […]

IoT and the role it plays in insurance

By the end of this year, forecasts anticipated that there will be more than 14 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices in use with that number expected to reach 25 billion by 2021. Furthermore, the global market for IoT is projected to grow significantly between 2018 and 2026 with the banking and financial services industry holding the bulk of […]