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The Web in 2020: Extensibility and Interoperability

In the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of change and diversion in regard to web technologies. In 2020, I foresee us as a web community heading toward two major trends/goals: extensibility and interoperability. Let’s break those down. Extensibility Extensibility describes how much someone can take a particular technology and extend it to their own needs. We’ve built […]

A Web Component with Different HTML for Desktop and Mobile

Christian Schaefer has a great big write-up about dealing with web advertisements. The whole thing is interesting, first documenting all the challenges that ads present, and then presenting modern solutions to each of them. One code snippet that caught my eye was a simple way to design a component that renders different HTML depending on […]

paulirish/lite-youtube-embed: A faster youtube embed.

Renders faster than a sneeze. Provide videos with a supercharged focus on visual performance. This custom element renders just like the real thing but approximately 224X faster. Comparison Basic usage To use the custom embed you will need to: Include the stylesheet within your application Include the script as well Use the element lite-youtube markup […]