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Xbox Live Vulnerability Allowed Hackers to View Any User’s Email Address

A serious vulnerability in Xbox Live reportedly allowed hackers to see the e-mail ID of anybody who used the service. That’s according to multiple cyber-security researchers who claimed to have discovered the loophole and reported it to Microsoft. The vulnerability has since been patched server-side, and Microsoft has issued a statement saying that users don’t […]
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[UPDATE] Xbox Live, Support, and Mixer are all back up

UPDATE 11:39PM GMT: Xbox Live, Xbox Support, and Mixer are all back up and running as normal again. Players should be able to game, look for help with Xbox products, and watch streamers as normal once more. Players should once again be able to sign in and access Xbox Live services normally! Thank you for […]
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Microsoft debuts tool which catches predators

Chris Hansen has done his part in keeping children safe from predators- now it’s Microsoft’s turn. Project Artemis is an automated system, developed by Microsoft, which can sniff out sexual predators that lurk in various online chat rooms- including those of video games.  Once the tool detects typical patterns of communication used by predators, a […]
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