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Korg resurrects the legendary ARP 2600 synth for a limited run

The ARP 2600 is one of the most iconic synthesizers ever made. (And easily the most expensive piece of music equipment I’ve ever actually touched.) Everyone from Brian Eno, to the Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails and Stevie Wonder have played one. It was even used to create the voice of R2-D2. And after being […]

Korg’s DIY headphone amp and overdrive pedal go on sale in February

Korg officially introduced its line of DIY music gear under the Nu:Tekt name in September. Even before it announced the NTS-1 synth, the company had showed off two other devices: a headphone amp and an overdrive pedal. Now that pair is official, and Korg says you’ll be able to buy them next month. Korg’s DIY […]

PayU acquires controlling stake in Indian credit business PaySense, to merge it with LazyPay

PayU is acquiring a controlling stake in fintech startup PaySense at a valuation of $185 million and plans to merge it with its credit business LazyPay as the nation’s largest payments processor aggressively expands its financial services offering. PaySense, which employs about 240 people, has served more than 5.5 million consumers to date, a top […]

Amazon calls PayPal’s $4 billion Honey browser add-on a ‘security risk’

A few days before Christmas last year, shoppers who used Honey on Amazon websites started receiving a warning from the e-commerce giant, according to Wired. The popular money-saving browser extension that tracks prices and discounts was a “a security risk,” it said, and even advised users to uninstall the extension “immediately.” While all browser extensions […]

WSJ: FDA vape ban will target fruit flavored pods

A few days ago, the FDA officially raised the minimum age of sale for tobacco products from 18 to 21, and according to a Wall Street Journal report, it’s close to announcing a new set of restrictions specifically for e-cigarettes. In a move that is supposed to address teen vaping by targeting products they’re interested […]

Google Search now lets you add movies and shows to a ‘Watchlist’

Your Google Search results may now be a lot more helpful when it comes to keeping track of all the shows and movies you’re keeping an eye on. The tech giant has rolled out a new card for the mobile results page that lets you add TV series and film titles to a “Watchlist” and […]