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Telkom Kenya to power University of Nairobi’s e-learning programme

Staff writer Telkom Kenya has launched a customised and reliable mobile data solution for the students, members of faculty and staff of the University of Nairobi (UoN), to enable continuity of learning, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Soma na Telkom Bundles, are monthly post-paid data bundles that have been tailored to meet the […]

Our creative and cultural recommendations for the long weekend ahead

Ruby Boddington, Associate Editorclass=”sans”> Terrace Houseclass=”sans”> If you’re a fan of Love Island, Big Brother or Masterchef – even better if, like me, you’re a fan of all three – then you have to stop what you’re doing and go and watch Terrace House. I know most of you have probably already binged your way […]

Avast launches new privacy-centric mobile browser

Avast recently released an Android version of Avast Secure Browser. The browser extends its platform support beyond Windows and Mac to mobile. The multi-platform browser is part of Avast’s ongoing focus to converge security and privacy services to enable a safer, more private and faster-browsing experience across devices and operating systems. The Avast Secure Browser […]

Royal Canadian Legion launches online fundraisers for support amid COVID-19 pandemic

Several Royal Canadian Legion branches have started online fundraisers to help with financial setbacks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization is continuing to help veterans, but many branches are hoping to receive assistance through fundraising to pay bills, as reported by The Canadian Press. Although branches have access to receive $3 million to help out […]

Amazon is temporarily extending return period due to the ongoing health crisis

Amazon has announced that the company is temporarily extending the return period to help users who might not be able to return items due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The company announced the new change on Twitter and has confirmed that the new change will apply to the US and Canada. If you’re living in […]

Creating Scheduled Push Notifications | CSS-Tricks

Scheduled is the key word there — that’s a fairly new thing! When a push notification is scheduled (i.e. “Take your pill” or “You’ve got a flight in 3 hours”) that means it can be shown to the user even if they’ve gone offline. That’s an improvement from the past where push notification required the […]

Check Out These Famous Logos Practicing Social Distancing – McDonald’s, Mercedes, and More

We all know about the new coronavirus that has been affecting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. And while scientists, researchers, and doctors are all working tirelessly to find a cure for this terrible disease, one thing is for sure: staying home is saving lives. The greatest tool that we have right now to help […]

7 downtime activities you might not have thought of

Ever since the lockdown began, creatives have been sharing ideas online about how to fill their downtime. There’s been an abundance of people offering free classes and courses – you can see some of our favourites in our free online resources post. But what if none of these ideas float your boat, and you’re still […]

4 Dropshipping Marketing Strategies To Skyrocket Your Business

#1 Use micro influencers When it comes to influencer marketing, I always focus on the three R’s to find the right influencer for your brand: – ReachThe first R is reach. The reason we’re focusing on micro influencers is because they have very powerful, engaged, niche communities that are often a lot more focused than […]

Oppo ‘Ace’ Branding Separates from Reno Series; Ace 2 to Launch April 13

Oppo has officially announced it is separating ‘Ace’ branding in the ‘Reno Ace‘ series to an independent series of smartphones. The announcement was made by Oppo’s VP Brian Shen on Weibo. With this separation, Oppo will have a total of six series of phones namely Find, Reno, Ace, A, K, and F series. Oppo Ace […]