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How to Check the Size of an App in Android

Many of us, at some point, will encounter problems with low disk space on our phones. This affects future app downloads and even our phone’s performance. It could be that there’s one app we use daily that’s storing too many cache files. The media we download through our messaging apps can accumulate and take up a lot of space, also. The only way […]

Hackaday Made Me Buy It!

Reading Hackaday is great! You get so many useful tips from watching other people work, it’s truly changed nearly everything about the way I hack, especially considering that I’ve been reading Hackaday for the past 15 years. Ideas, freely shared among peers, are the best of the free and open-source hardware community. But there’s a […]

Lenovo is working on a portable secondary monitor that is also an Android tablet, the Lenovo Yoga X

Documents discovered by Android developer Till Kottmann (@deletescape) and posted by Evan Blass aka evLeaks has revealed that Lenovo is working on a unique device, the Lenovo Yoga X. The large-screened Android tablet would also have a secondary mode where it acts as an external monitor for your PC, smartphone or even Nintendo Switch, via […]

An Eleventy Starter with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js

When I decided to try to base my current personal website on Eleventy, I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel: I tested all the Eleventy starters built with Tailwind CSS that I could find in Starter Projects from the documentation. Many of the starters seemed to integrate Tailwind CSS in a contrived way. Also, some […]

9 Outstanding Features of the Divi Theme and Plugin

Despite what some people might think, the Divi theme isn’t new. It actually debuted in 2013 as the flagship product of the Elegant Themes team. But it has undergone so many updates that it looks and functions like a brand new product. Elegant Themes keeps refining their star product. They also offer Divi Builder, a […]

An Error With the Facebook SDK is Causing iOS Apps to Crash

There’s something wrong with the Facebook SDK right now. Apparently, a number of iOS apps that use the Facebook SDK are crashing since this morning. Facebook has acknowledged the issue. The company is currently investigating the problem, but hasn’t given an expected time for the problem to be solved. As of right now, apps affected […]

Transform Microsoft Teams meetings with Poly solutions | Westcon Comstor

Westcon-Comstor press office Westcon-Comstor Sub-Saharan Africa, a value-added distributor of leading ICT solutions, today announced the availability of Poly room solutions for Microsoft Teams. With remote working and video conferencing becoming part of the new normal Poly (formerly Plantronics and Polycom) has introduced room solutions for Microsoft Teams, delivering a clutter-free environment for conference rooms […]

Controlling Your Hz Mode in Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series users are most likely familiar with the fact that their phone supports the 120Hz refresh rate mode. However, there is a decent chance that some of them—possibly yourself—don’t recognize that the AMOLED panel used by the Galaxy 20s is, in reality, able to a refresh rate other than 60Hz and 120Hz, […]

The Simplest TS100 Upgrade Leads Down A Cable Testing Rabbit Hole

By now, I must have had my Miniware TS100 soldering iron for nearly three years. It redefined what could be expected from the decent end of the budget soldering iron spectrum when it came on the market, and it’s still the one to beat even after those years. Small, lightweight, powerful, and hackable, it has […]

Samsung Galaxy Buds Beans aka Buds Live gets FCC certification

Samsung is expected to launch its iconic-looking Samsung Galaxy Beaks AKA Samsung Galaxy Buds Live truly wireless earbuds in the next few weeks with some expecting the earbuds to launch on the 22nd July. Now in support of that early launch date, the buds (SM-R180) have passed through the FCC. The unique design of the […]