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AMD Radeon RX 640 listed in latest Adrenalin driver – Graphics – News

When AMD Navi GPUs arrive and form the new Radeon RX 3000 series, as expected, perhaps AMD’s product stack will still have a place for ye olde Polaris GPUs. An interesting new entry in the latest AMD Radeon Adrenalin drivers is pointing to this. TechPowerUp forums member ‘Just Some Noise’ was rifling though the newest […]

Kelsi Phụng and Fabien Corre on their heartbreaking coming out film Les lèvres gercées

What’s so powerful about the film, aside from the tension built up by the sparse, pointed dialogue, is its realistic minutiae, from every glance to eyebrow raise. To achieve this Kelsi and Fabien decided to use live action references by filming a theatre actress and a classmate for the film. Not only did it allow […]

South Africa’s hottest tech deals and sales of the week (13-18 May)

Shopping for technology is an even bigger nightmare than clothes. But unlike clothing, finding the correct stick of RAM isn’t a question of it being too big or small, but just too damn expensive. In a weekly series, Gearburn trawls the South African online shopping space to find the best deals, from DDR4 for your […]

Xiaomi will be selling phones via vending machines in India

Now you’ll be able to buy Xiaomi phones from a machine! Xiaomi on Monday announced a new innovative solution to sell its smartphones in offline retail market in India. The all-new Mi Express Kiosks are the vending machines which will allow consumers to purchase Xiaomi smartphones and mobile accessories similar to how they purchase smaller […]

Lenovo Smart Display vs. JBL Link View

Since Google is bringing the Nest Hub to Canada, we’ve taken an in-depth look at the other two Google Assistant-based smart displays available north of the U.S. border. Smart displays are a natural progression from the regular voice-controlled smart speakers that are increasingly growing in popularity. Now, in Canada two manufacturers offer devices that support […]

All seem to be not well for Google in India

iPhones are expensive, really expensive in India. This lets Android capture most of the market share, which in turn helps them to enjoy a monopoly in the country. Now, India suspects that Google might have misused its dominant position in the smartphone market and that it should be investigated. India to follow the European Commission’s […]

The Place of UX – Signal v. Noise

Debates continue to rage about the role of UX designers, user research, and how far knowledge about the user should permeate the organization. On one extreme, UX is seen as a specialized pocket of knowledge that informs the definition of projects and sets requirements. On the other, UX is something for which the entire organization […]

6 ways to effectively market an AI startup

No startup is easy to grow, and with more and more artificial intelligence (AI) companies being founded around the world, the reality is that they can’t all lead the way. Some will struggle along for years, unable to find any real traction, while others will perish completely shortly after they’re funded. As a founder or […]

3 Ways an Instagram Automation Tool Can Help Your Business

The convergence of humans, technology, and business has been shaping the way we live in today’s Age of Information. Social media facilitates the sharing of information through networks and communities. One social media platform is Instagram, a photo and video-sharing network. It can be used for entertainment or recreational purposes, and some use the application […]

3 Essential Design Trends, May 2019

Sometimes designs are of an acquired taste. That’s our theme for this month. Each of the projects and trends featured here are things that you’ll probably either love…or hate. But wait to judge these projects until you navigate through them; most of them seem to grow on you the more you dive into the content. […]