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How to Make a List Component with Emotion

I’ve been doing a bit of refactoring this week at Sentry and I noticed that we didn’t have a generic List component that we could use across projects and features. So, I started one, but here’s the rub: we style things at Sentry using Emotion, which I have only passing experience with and is described […]

Tech and Politics: Worlds Collide

In 2011, protests across the Middle East were captured on social media, including platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vine. Ultimately, Hosni Mubarak, then-president of Egypt, was overthrown. Many credit the viral social media “campaign” as the impetus for what was termed the Arab Spring. In the past 9 years since, the impact and use […]

MediaTek’s Dimensity 600 Chips Might Bring 5G to Sub-Rs 20,000 Phones

Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company, Mediatek, is reportedly all set to launch the Dimensity 600 mobile processor with 5G connectivity. That’s according to the Taiwan Economic Daily, which claims that the chip will be officially launched during the current quarter. MediaTek was expected to launch the Dimensity 600 back in March. However, the company ended up […]

Digital game-changers can make a meaningful impact by entering 2020 MTNB App of the Year Awards | MTN Business

MTN Business press office The MTN Business App of the Year Awards, now in its 9th year, has opened entries for aspiring entrepreneurs and digital innovators across the country. This year’s edition comes with a number of relevant and exciting additions, including the launch of a dedicated app development and coding initiative, the MTN Business […]

Android 11 Voice Access Upcoming Features

Do you sometimes struggle with using your phone’s touch-screen or screen display? Google has a solution for you. The Android 11 has received a significant boost with the recent improved voice access. With Android’s remarkable new feature, your device can now understand whatever is displayed on the screen without necessarily compelling you to touch the screen. […]

Designing 3D Printed Enclosures For KiCad PCBs

If you’ve used KiCad before, you’re certainly familiar with the handy 3D view that shows you a rendered view of what your assembled board would look like. But as [Vadim Panov] explains, you can take this capability a step further. With a few extra tools and a little bit of know-how, you can leverage KiCad’s […]

Here is how to uninstall the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

While Microsoft’s move to adopt Chromium to re-build Microsoft Edge came as a surprise to the tech industry, pretty much everyone welcomed Microsoft’s decision as a Chromium-based browser means great performance and reliability. The new Microsoft Edge is now available across all the major platforms, including Windows 10, Windows 7, macOS, iOS, and Android. While […]

Bootstrap 5 alpha! | Bootstrap Blog

16 Jun 2020 Bootstrap 5’s very first alpha has arrived! We’ve been working hard for several months to refine the work we started in v4, and while we’re feeling great about our progress, there’s still even more to do. We’ve been focused on making the migration from v4 to v5 more approachable, but we’ve also […]

5 Essential Elements of Brand Storytelling You Need To Know

Storytelling is essential when it comes to branding. Without a story, your brand won’t stand out and you’ll look like everyone else. When you have a story, people are more likely to remember who you are and what you have to offer. Storytelling in branding can have an emotional impact on your clients, and while […]

Which is Better: Custom Development or a Standard CMS

Custom Development or CMS is not the usual question that usual person could have daily. Both ways of Development Custom or CMS offer services that could give the right decision for the client. At the stage, when usually this question appears, only custom web development company could provide the correct answer. Custom development for the […]