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Xiaomi PatchWall 3.0 launches with DisneyPlus Hotstar

Xiaomi India has just announced the launch of the latest version of its PatchWall for its Mi TV users. The company along revealed that it is bringing DisneyPlus Hotstar content to Mi TV along with new PatchWall. Talking about the versions, the company is currently rolling out PatchWall 3.0 with this update. Xiaomi executive Sudeep […]

Zelda-like RPG ‘Legend of the Skyfish 2’ launches on Apple Arcade

The latest game to come to Apple Arcade is Legend of the Skyfish 2, a new role-playing game (RPG) from Albany, New York-based developer Crescent Moon. Super proud to announce our 2nd Apple Arcade game! ‘Legend of the Skyfish 2’ 🎣🐠by @mgaiastudio 🥳The fishing pole is your weapon and your grappling hook! Download it here: with […]

Microsoft looking to give Windows 10 “dail-tone” reliability

Several ambitions for the future development of Windows 10 was revealed in a job post for Software Engineering Manager for Windows 10 at Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters. The job post for the Application Connectivity team responsible for sharing and connectivity features such as clipboard and sharing; localization and indexer; and notifications, listed the following team goals: […]

Getting JavaScript to Talk to CSS and Sass

JavaScript and CSS have lived beside one another for upwards of 20 years. And yet it’s been remarkably tough to share data between them. There have been large attempts, sure. But, I have something simple and intuitive in mind — something not involving a structural change, but rather putting CSS custom properties and even Sass […]

6 Logo Design Principles That We Swear By

Making a logo is typically one of your first tasks as a new, up-and-coming designer. I know I had my fair share of making logos for far too cheap, and mostly for my close friends and their small businesses, but it’s something I’ll never forget. Although there are a few things that I wish I […]

Free online resources for creatives stuck at home

As we all adjust to the changes to our lives caused by coronavirus pandemic, and social distancing becomes the (hopefully temporary) new normal, the creative community is coming together with various brilliant examples of solidarity and support. Every day, we have seen more and more individuals, groups and companies offer their talents and services for free. […]

Why Print Remains Relevant For Business Marketing

Print marketing has been having a rough decade. As businesses increasingly turn to digital solutions for all of their marketing needs, physical media has been left by the wayside, and that’s unfortunate because print is powerful. If you’re operating a business and concentrating your marketing efforts online, it’s time to learn how to design for […]

What is the Red Dot on Apple Watch and How to Remove It

I started using an Apple Watch only a little over a month ago, and it has helped me in more ways than one. You know, notifications, fitness tracking (which I normally never use, but the Apple Watch makes it a lot more fun to be active), making and receiving calls, all of it. Heck I […]

COVID-19 may be a tipping point for knowledge work

By Ryan Falkenberg is co-founder and CEO of CLEVVA We are all living the unimaginable. So many face tragedy and hardship. It’s a time for compassion and care for those hardest hit by this global pandemic.  COVID-19 is set to be a tipping point in many ways. One of those is a re-evaluation of how we […]

Becky and Joe are back with more gooey gruesomeness in new idents for Trolli

It goes without saying that Becky and Joe, the directors who brought us Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, do unnerving humour very well. It was for this reason Wieden+Kennedy came to them for its first round of ads for Trolli, a series of surreal films wherein the wormy sweets go around transforming dark scenes into […]