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How to use grids in graphic design

Do you want to know the best way to set up any graphic design? How about one of the most useful concepts of all graphic design? In short, do you want to understand how to use graphic grids? In this article, I want to discuss the topic of graphic grids in detail, through rules, useful […]

Jensen Huang interview — ‘the foundations of gaming are just fine, just fantastic’

This week, Nvidia reported earnings and revenues that were down compared to a year ago. But they did signal a return to growth after a couple of week quarters as the company worked off inventory pile-ups related to the collapse of cryptocurrency mining. People aren’t buying graphics cards to mine for cryptocurrency anymore, but they […]

Game Design – Pitting Style against Substance

Game Design – Pitting Style against Substance Visuals are a word that gets thrown around a lot in gaming circles. A growing number of game manufacturers highlight the importance of the graphics, or rather what a player absorbs purely visually when enjoying their hobby. At the expense of attractive looks, more often than not, the […]

Call of Duty Mobile still on pre-registration

The ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ is coming very soon. It went up for pre-registration and now we’re hearing more details are available. The regional beta testing is about to happen. If you’re a fan of Call of Duty and have only been waiting for a new mobile game, you’re lucky because it will be ready […]

Internet Sensation “Grumpy Cat” Passes Away

Grumpy Cat, the Internet’s most popular cat and one of its first viral memes, has died at age seven, her family announced on Friday. The furry sensation’s family announced her death on Twitter, saying: “We are unimaginably heartbroken to announce the loss of our beloved Grumpy Cat,” the CNN quoted Tabatha Bundesen, Grumpy Cat’s owner, […]

Review: Noctua NH-U12A – Cooling

Introduction Conventional wisdom suggests that when shopping for a high-performance CPU cooler, bigger tends to mean better. That may well be true when it comes to keeping temperatures down to an absolute minimum, but there are now an increasing number of calls for smaller solutions better suited to today’s more efficient PCs. We’ve already seen […]

Have an ogle at Sein Koo’s marker pen illustrations of all things food-related

Who doesn’t enjoy beautifully drawn illustrations of foods and its crisp packaging? Here at It’s Nice That, we certainly do and have been oggling the work of the Berlin and Seoul-based illustrator Sein Koo. With her confident line and delicate colour work, Sein brings all manner of goods to life (but the food-related ones are […]

Skyworth’s 65-inch Android-fueled OLED AI TV

Chinese technology company Skyworth on Thursday debuted its OLED AI TV range at a launch in Johannesburg. It becomes the second, behind LG, to offer OLED TV technology in the country. The firm, known for its technology research and development and producing TVs for OEMs, has been active in the South African market since 2014, […]

Huawei P20 Lite (2019) leaked

It’s no secret that Huawei is planning to launch a 2019 edition of the P20 Lite smartphone. As the name suggests, the P20 Lite (2019) will be the successor to the Huawei P20 Lite. Now a massive leak, courtesy of tipster Roland Quandt, has revealed nearly everything we need to know about the upcoming smartphone. […]

Spotify redesigning homepage, emphasizing podcasts

Spotify will soon release a new design that is focused on showcasing podcasts to further spread its efforts to become the go-to place for podcasts. Now, when users open the app, they will see two bolded headers titled ‘music’ and ‘podcasts.’ The redesign is meant to make it easier for users to access podcasts and […]