About Us

In 2014 a group of us IT professionals sat down and realized that the IT industry was going through drastic changes and at the core of those changes was the fact that most companies were doing away with the standard format of an IT
department. With Technology disruption at an all-time high threatening some obsolete businesses and creating opportunities for others with a knack for innovation, companies are continuously rethinking the workplace, processes and IT systems in their organizations.

With most of these companies making the transition from legacy IT to modernized, future-ready IT systems, this is where we come in, our mission is to deliver excellent solutions that can help small businesses and companies make that transition from old to new as seamless as possible.

Work Flow

Our Working Process

First and foremost a needs assessment is required to understand exactly what the clients needs to achieve at the end of the project

The phrase there is more than one way to skin a cat comes to mind and it is our responsibility to find out what the different ways are.

once we have a solutions that can be executed, we then present them and in the presentation we aim to give a client the most efficient solutions possible

Each solution no matter how how comprehensive needs adjustment and refinement to some extent. this where customer support and maintenance plays a big role.

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Our Goal

We set out to do one thing and that’s to create a consultancy that would provide support and services that cater to companies embracing this new age of outsourced IT solutions. As industry professionals, we recognise that the needs of one client might differ from the next and so needs assessment and Roi are our primary priority This focus means that we work closely with each customer regardless of size with one objective in mind and that is to provide them with tailored solutions that are a balance of the following.

  • Needs assessment
  • Tailored solutions
  • Budget
  • Scale
  • ROI

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